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Why choose dieSaremas?

9 things your should know about us.

dieSaremas are experienced interim managers in the areas of finance, sales & marketing and business model development. Our interdisciplinary approach and holistic view of companies enable us to find long-term solutions to guarantee sustainable business success.

We analyze your business model, and, together with you, develop a long-term business plan. We also conduct discussions with banks and investors. We plan and implement the reorientation. Thanks to our decades of experience as interim managers, we look back on numerous projects with demonstrable and sustainable success.

We can support you with post-merger integration, carve-out and investor onboarding. We ensure the effective roll-out of your new business model as well as the successful market launch of your new products. In doing so, it is essential to shape the new direction of the company and to meet the increasingly stringent requirements of banks.

For both new and existing lines of credit, banks increasingly scrutinize the corporate planning. Sound corporate planning with a validated business model also convinces your bank or lender to consider you as a successful business partner in the long term.

We specialize in value creation and change processes, and we really understand and love what we do. All dieSaremas employees, partners and cooperation partners are proven experts of their fields and have many years of experience as well as a proven track record of dozens of successfully implemented projects.

We think in an interdisciplinary way and take a 360-degree view of your business.

Our original core business was turnaround and reorganization management. Our business name abbreviates the words “Sanierung” (turnaround) and “Reorganisations-Management” (reorganization). Since initially coming up with that name, we have grown, both in terms of substance and personnel. Today, our interdisciplinary approach enables us to also offer business model development and to implement sales strategies and investor searches. So, the letters M and A stand for marketing as well as for M&A. Add the article “die” (the), and you have our name: dieSaremas.

We focus first and foremost on your goals. That means adding value to your organization and developing new business opportunities. We believe that introducing innovations while also optimizing existing business models is a guarantee for economic success in the future.

Because we think in terms of solutions, not isolated areas of expertise.

Like cogs in a gearbox, the individual business areas are all interconnected. The successful transformation of a company will only succeed if the gears can continue to engage after the change process. It’s the only way to avoid “gear damage”.

An intensive change process affects all areas of the company. The same applies to restructuring. No restructuring manager or consultant can cover all areas by him/herself. Most of the time, s/he is an expert in one or two disciplines. S/he’ll usually just about manage to cover the remaining specialist areas, or other companies have to be commissioned to cover them. This means that you’ve inadvertently imported an interface issue into the company.

dieSaremas cover numerous specialist areas themselves. And if there’s an area we don’t cover, we bring in highly specialized cooperation partners instead of fudging it. Partners with whom we have previously cooperated successfully in other projects. They are coordinated by us, so you as the customer have no interface issues and you don’t pay for anything twice. dieSaremas is your only contact partner, and so we see ourselves as a “one-stop shop”. In other words, it’s all under one roof with us.

Although we have specialist expertise in finance, we see it as a tool of the trade. Finance itself is never the cause of an economic crisis, but a symptom of it. It’s a bit like the oil warning light in your car is not the actual cause of the impending engine failure. We know that finance isn’t the culprit behind the various business challenges.

At dieSaremas, we don’t treat the symptoms, we fix the root problem. In other words, we repair the engine rather than disconnecting the cable to the oil warning light.

Depending on your specific starting position and target definition, we’re happy to provide you with an individual quote. Our offers are targeted to your specific needs. Our standard offers can be supplemented with individual add-ons depending on your needs and situation. Or you can get a completely customized implementation package.

In some situations we’re happy to work largely on a success-based basis, for example in the case of investor searches.

That depends primarily on how your company is set up. If we actively implement a change process in the form of interim management, it could take a few months. If your main concern is analysis of the situation, it might just be a few days.

Here are two typical initial situations where our input is requested:

Example 1 ➝ sales boost

Your sales and/or earnings have been stagnant for several months. You’re unsure how the next bank meeting will go. You may already need an extension or increase of your credit line. However, based on the financials at hand, you are concerned about your bank’s possible response.

In this case, dieSaremas would conduct a root cause analysis, interrogate why this has happened and what should be done to remedy the situation (treating the causes instead of the symptoms!). Next, we would look at other areas of the company and find new potentials for optimization.

If you have the courage to embark on a longer journey, we’d gladly work with you on your company’s vision and strategy. To be frank, for us, that’s the most important thing of all. We do this until you, your key employees and stakeholders are 100% convinced.

You have an appointment coming up with the bank? ➝  info[at]

Another typical initial situation which should prompt you to think of dieSaremas:

Example 2 ➝ take the patina off the business model.

Imagine products or services that you’ve had in your portfolio for some time are only moderately in demand. Several unique selling propositions are defined in the sales guides, but somehow you have the feeling that none of them really reflect the actual market needs.

Time to call dieSaremas. We stress-test your existing portfolio and take a close look at it. If your existing portfolio or current business model are not sufficiently aligned with the market or new trends, we’ll work vigorously on developing new business models – together with you and your employees. We’ll support you on your journey, all the way to finding investors.

You want to achieve successful business models with us?info[at]

Oh, but we do. We consider the topic of digitization to be an enormously broad field. Depending on industry, company size and environment, your company needs a completely unique approach and solution. In our opinion, you can’t become a digitization expert by taking a few weekend courses. Professionals with a proven track record and corresponding success rates are needed to achieve the optimal digitization solutions.

For this reason, dieSaremas have jointly founded the initiative “findig -Praxisgerechte Digitalisierung (practical digitization)” with the tax consulting firm TPA and digitization experts from Guiding Innovators. Instead of expounding on theoretical approaches, findig offers practice-oriented digitization for small to medium-sized companies.

You can find out more at findig

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