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Why choose dieSaremas?

5 things your should know about us.

dieSaremas are experienced interim managers with a focus on finance. We have many years of background as executives in the industry or banking environment.

With our approach geared towards successful implementation and a holistic view of companies, we find long-term solutions that guarantee sustainable business success.

We implement our concepts, also in the roles of a managing director, CFO or financial manager. We won’t leave you alone.

The best and smartest concepts are of little use if they end up in a drawer and are never implemented.

We develop a long-term business plan with you and hold talks with banks and investors. We not only plan the reorientation, we also implement it. Due to decades of experience as interim managers, we can refer to numerous successful projects with verifiable and sustainable success.

Our original core business was turnaround and reorganization management. Our business name abbreviates the words “Sanierung” (turnaround) and “Reorganisations-Management” (reorganization). Since initially coming up with that name, we have grown, both in terms of substance and personnel. Today, as a full service provider in finance, we offer a significantly larger range of services. So, the letters M and stand for M&A as well. Add the article “die” (the), and you have our name: dieSaremas.

Depending on your specific starting position and target definition, we’re happy to provide you with an individual quote. Our offers are targeted to your specific needs. Our standard offers can be supplemented with individual add-ons depending on your needs and situation. Or you can get a completely customized implementation package.

In some situations we’re happy to work largely on a success-based basis, for example in the case of investor searches.

That depends primarily on how your company is set up. If we actively implement a change process in the form of interim management, it could take a few months. If your main concern is analysis of the situation, it might just be a few days.

dieSaremas are an interim management boutique with a focus on financial management services. Our meanwhile 20 partners are mainly active as interim managers in functions as commercial directors , CFOs , controllers or in accounting.

Our experts bring extensive experience in the M&A environment, both on the buyer and seller side. We support you with investor searches , onboarding of investors, post-merger integration but also carve-outs.

We also have restructuring and reorganization experts on board who cover everything from preventive reorganization to turnaround management in the event of insolvency.

We support our customers with the reorganization of finance departments, digitization projects in finance, the development of cost accounting and order calculation, the implementation of the IFRS standards, the introduction of ESG and the implementation of ERP software.

Our strength is undoubtedly the focus on implementation.

We don’t advise, we implement.

Our team consists exclusively of managers with many years of leadership experience, mostly in the industry sector.

Why is implementation competence so important?

Many companies simply lack the management capacity to implement complex new projects. Occasionally there is a lack of experience when it comes to special projects or challenges that do not occur permanently. Such as a search for investors, or a restructuring. Consulting and advisory services often do not help. Knowing about the need to implement a project is of little use if you lack the capacity or know-how to get it started.


We often see great and very smartly worked out concepts from consulting firms in companies, which then end up in a drawer because nobody has time to implement them. Especially apart from the operative business. We also implement our concepts. And we implemen concepts of consultants who were active before us, if we can agree with the terms of content.

What our customer value.